Friday, October 23, 2009

Plastic Moon by Norisada Maeda Atelier

Japanese architects Norisada Maeda Atelier have completed a house that includes a dental practice and swimming pool in Tokyo, Japan.

Called Plastic Moon, the building is wrapped in three white bands covered in circular tiles.

The ground floor accommodates the owner’s dental practice with a separate door forming the entrance to the home.

A kitchen and swimming pool are located on the top floor.

Plans coming soon…

Photographs are by T. Sobajima.

Here’s a little text from the architects (and a lot of pictures):

Plastic Moon

Here metal molding forms have been translated into architecture shaping a smooth outside shell while forming gardens, rooms and furniture on the inside.

To highlight this layering structure also from the outside view, glass and “mold” take turns providing space and two entrances for private and public areas, such as the owners dentist office.

The top floor hosts the kitchen and a generous rooftop pool.

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