Monday, October 5, 2009

Whitworth Art Gallery / Amanda Levete Architects

466 - Night

Amanda Levete Architects shared with us their submission for the extension for the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester.

The form intends to compliment the 19th century gallery, yet still maintain its individuality as a separate element. The extension, then, becomes not “one building connected to another but as something more abstract: a gesture that merges landscape with building.” The urban gallery’s setting within Whitworth Park allows the building to merge with the landscape to “create a dynamic and inhabitable” space. “As the park becomes the folds of fabric, these folds are sliced, peeled, and pulled to house, expose, and articulate the new program of activities of that embodies the new Whitworth Gallery,” explained the architects. The park seems to be gathered together and drawn into the building, creating an extension that fosters a relationship between interior and exterior, object and landscape.

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466 - Process

466 - Top View

466 - Interior

466 - Model 03

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