Monday, November 9, 2009

Penthouse / Studio Pietropoli

VSC_20090901_ IMG_5792

Architect: Studio Pietropoli
Location: Bassano del Grappa, Italy
Architects in charge: Guido&Martino Pietropoli
Collaborators: Alberto Franchini
Client: Private
Constructed Area: 280 sqm
Project years: 2001-2009
Photographs: Martino Pietropoli

VSC_20090901_ IMG_5714 VSC_20090901_ IMG_5794 VSC_20090901_ IMG_5824 VSC_20090901_IMG_5861

The apartment is a penthouse in an old building facing Piazza della Libertà in the beautiful city of Bassano del Grappa. The explicit request of the client was to keep the unity of the wide space unchanged, complemented by the big wooden roof structures.

section 01

section 01

VSC_20090901_ IMG_5807

A large piece of furniture occupies this space realizing a sort of mezzanine, housing a bedroom and other service spaces without interrupting the visual continuum of the evocative views. Finally, the dining room opens up toward a huge two-level terrazza enriched by a garden.

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