Thursday, January 21, 2010

Atalantic Sofa by CuldeSac for Bernhardt Design

Spanish designers CuldeSac have designed a sofa using techniques borrowed from automobile manufacture.

Called Atalantic Sofa, the piece has a dark wooden base and upholstered leather seat.

More about CuldeSac on Dezeen:

Here’s some text from CuldeSac:

“The Atlantic sofa, designed by Culdesac for Bernhardt Design, explores a new language which we have coined “Technological Virtuous”, as it integrates technology and technique. Its design is based in the automobile manufacturing, a contemporary industry that was developed along with these premises. By integrating the wood structure and the upholster, we have achieved a unique sofa, which is perceived as a whole.
We wanted to explore a new language between the wood structure and the upholster, we wanted to explore the way both materials communicate with each other, based on words like: Integration
For this we coin the term “Technological Virtuoso “ as a concept of integration where the combination of the pieces conform and are perceived as a whole.”

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