Friday, February 12, 2010

RU Chair by Shane Schneck for Hay

Stockholm 2010: at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this week Stockholm designer Shane Schneck exhibits a wooden chair that can be hung from the edge of a table by its cantilevered seat.
Called RU, the design for Danish brand Hay is made of cross-laminated wood.
The chairs have two main legs that branch into four feet at the bottom, meaning they can be stacked together or hooked over the edge of a table by the seat.
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The text below is from Shane Schneck:
RU Chair
Is a wooden chair created upon the invitation from Patricia Urquiola for Promosedia. Its strength is gained by cross laminating layers in the seat. The method makes possible a cantelivered surface and robust structure.
A series of laminated ‘bridges’ complete the form. The chair is also stackable and without the additional two legs of conventional chairs it can be suspended on a table for easy cleaning.

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