Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Theurel & Thomas Patisserie

Anagrama projected an exclusive and elegant atmosphere for Theurel & Thomas, the first patisserie in Mexico specialized in French macarons.
Here is the project description:
One of the most important extensions of a brand, which has a business based in store selling, is the design and ambiance of the stores. The Theurel & Thomas pâtisserie has an enlightened space with an exclusivity and elegant atmosphere. The store location is in San Pedro, Mexico, Latin America’s most affluent suburb.
White is a central part of the design and it contrasts with the French macarons colors.
Details were an essential part of our work. We meticulously selected each porcelain piece creating a balance with sophisticated specks that made the value of the brand and the exclusivity of the product outshine.

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