Friday, March 18, 2011

MINIM, Barcelona Loft

0minimloft01.jpgMINIM, Barcelona Loft
Last month we showed you Zecc Architects' skillful repurposing of various structures—churches, schools, factories—into living spaces. The overall structures were left formally intact and recognizable while the surfaces were cleaned up and modernized, providing a beautiful "best of both worlds" combination that skewed more to the clean side of things.
Then there's the visually "dirtier" side of things. Another firm doing industrial-to-living conversions is Barcelona-based MINIM, comprised of designers Elina Vila and Agnes Blanch, with a slightly different philosophy: Rather than cleaning, replacing or re-sheetrocking the surfaces, their goal in a recent printing factory conversion was to preserve and even expose as much of the original texture as possible, removing layers of plaster and cement in a procedure that's more art than science:

The surfaces were then sealed in a protective clearcoat, so you're not constantly sweeping up that fresh layer of grit. The results are stunning, and bring to mind something more in line with the original Soho artist's loft.
Check out more shots here.

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