Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wooden House With Inner Courtyard

DI Bernardo Bader designed this house with a valuable “indoor environment quality” achieved by the inner garden courtyard which is hidden from outside views.Project description:A congenial alternative to the classical single-family houses in vorarlberg with their typical one-piece cubatures and poorly screened private outdoor areas because in the majority of cases the gardens are just surrounded by some hedges.The parcel of land, just measuring 500 square meter, is located in a soon-to-be populated area of settlement at the outskirts of the village sulz. It lies between existing development and the agricultural green belt and girded by highly frequented paths leading to the recreational area in the close neighborhood.The house is arranged on two floors. The ground floor contains kitchen, dining- and living room, secondary rooms and the garage. The terrace encloses the greened patio in whose centre a tree grows through the open roof.


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