Monday, July 26, 2010

suppose design office: house in minamimachi 03

'house in minamimachi 03' by suppose design office in hiroshima, japan
all images courtesy of suppose design office

japanese architecture firm suppose design office has recently completed a three-storey house 
in hiroshima, japan. typical of modern japanese practice, 'house in minamimachi 03' stands 
snugly in between two other residential plots, an unassuming structure made entirely out 
of reinforced concrete. 

contrary to how the design may be read from the outside, the exterior shell is a separate layer 
from the interior space. the design essentially utilizes a box-within-a-box scheme: the concrete 
skin acts as an urban fence, providing privacy for the residents, while the interior box sits 
in an offset orientation to create angular lightwell cavities in between the two layers. 
in addition to creating privacy, the concrete box also acts as a structural armature for the inner 
framework, enabling the house to be constructed largely out of glass curtain walls. the interior 
is treated with light-coloured wood and white paint to maximize on the natural daylighting effect. 

street view

concrete facade and entrance

interior lit by the lightwell cavity

kitchen and living area

light wood treatment in the flooring and cabinetry


stairwell also acting as a lightwell for the lower levels

(left) washroom
(right) retractable windows in the living area

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