Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Located in Yokohama, Japan, the ‘Dancing Living House‘ is a fitting name due to the client’s love for dance. Junichi Sampie, of A.L.X. Architects, planned the design of this house with open space and large rooms in mind. Several rooms were combined to produce this capacious effect, including the living and dining room areas.
The peculiar cube-like structure is made of reinforced concrete, and sits on top of a smaller base due to property constraints. The 155.47m2 house also exhibits creative utilization of natural light. The angular window, seen on the Dancing Living House’s upper-corner, converges into a longer strip of glass that overlays the ceiling, creating a sky-light of sorts.
Although the house is relatively small, the layout, lighting, and use of mirrors all contribute in making the home look and feel spacious. The exterior, as minimalistic as it is, is thought provoking and inspirational to me.

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