Friday, January 28, 2011

A Kid's Castle

Back in my childhood, I guess my love for home and design was starting to become noticeable. I remember pretending to build a makeshift house by hanging sheets over the dining room table in order to create my own private refuge. It used to be my sanctuary where I would play with my favorite toys, and maybe, invite a couple of my closest friends. But how times have changed! After drooling over these incredible kiddie cottages, my make-do tent house is put to shame. These ├╝ber cool and fun structures, by SmartPlayouse, are authentic designer pieces inspired by contemporary architecture. Don't I wish they had existed back then!
I'm sure any kid would die for any of these models. They're a perfect space that offers them a cozy place to play, develop their creativity and learn to share. Although most models are designed as outdoor houses, there are a couple that have a smaller version for inside. How cool is that? I can think of a few kids I know who would love to be the proud owners of one of these beauties.
Since these little mansions are made to order, you can customize them to your needs. The garden versions are made with high quality weather-resistant materials so they can be enjoyed for years. I'll be honest, as much as I would have wanted to own one of these little mansions, my tent-like structure served its purpose and made me very happy. It gave me a chance to expand my creativity. Besides, I would've probably driven my parents crazy wanting to buy furniture and accessories to decorate it. Don't you love them too? 

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