Friday, January 28, 2011

A Pad Of Many Folds

There is nothing traditional or predictable about this space. And that's exactly why I fell in love with it and had the urge to write about its incredible design. While looking for the genius behind the project, I was happy to find out it was G&R Studio, one of my favorite Spanish architectural firms. Hector Ruiz-Velazquez and Javier Garcia worked hand in hand to create this out-of-the-box conceptual space. As you come in, you're greeted by a white origami-like structure that starts turning like a piece of paper running through the whole 530 square feet. This wooden centerpiece is so cleverly designed that it leaves open the living spaces and gives the necessary privacy to the bedroom and bathroom. It also encases the staircase to the second floor where the bedroom is located.
The dramatic contrast between the stark walls and the black marble floors is what gives this place a futuristic look. Also, the use of white helps reflect the natural light coming in. The kitchen, although small, it's perfectly equipped with all the high-tech appliances needed to concoct a delish gourmet feast.
The “Inhabited Fold”, as the architects named this home, was a project commissioned by Whirpool to showcase some of their latest and most innovative home appliances in Casa Decor Barcelona. This can easily be a preview of what futuristic living can be. Let me tell I wouldn't have any problem living in a place like this. How about you?

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